Effortless elegance and comfort that all we demand in a daily run. It is now very easy to have a jacket we wear on the way to work in the morning, and to have a stylistic conversation in a night when we attend. The 'Sorbé' jackets, which are indispensable for timeless style, offer both sport and style with high quality fabrics and different cuts combined with feminine lines, masked away from the classical point of view.


' Sorbé ' brand liberates her woman with three different jacket styles.

'The Masculine Feminen’; while addressing a woman who uses double-breasted models in style and simplicity.

'The Gentle Women’, with silk satin fabrics making the woman look out at night invitations.

'The Timeless Lady’; mono jacket style and as the address of the timeless elegance, it is included in the collection as the best piece of investment that all women can do in their closets.


We built the brand of inquiry by relying on our infrastructure based on 20 years of textile production. In addition to our woman jacket production under the brand of 'Sorbé', we are adding female suits and supporting products. Our fabrics mainly consist of natural fiber blended materials. In general we supply all our fabrics from Italy and produce them in limited quantities in our own world


“ The woman wearing the jacket takes care of how she feels, not how she looks... “